Vegan Pad Thai Dish

New Vegan options at Fah’s

Since opening only a few short months ago, we have had the opportunity to meet a number of people within the community searching for vegan food. We are committed to providing a more fuller menu, free of animal products, so that you can enjoy the great flavours that Thai food has to offer without making any sacrifices (literally!).

Staples of Thai food which add to the depth of flavours include coconut milk or cream, jasmine rice, fish and oyster sauce and shrimp paste and a myriad of herbs and spices. And chilli, let’s not forget chilli!

The freshness of the ingredients combined with the punch of flavours makes Thai a unique eating experience. However, due to shrimp paste, fish and oyster sauces, a lot of dishes suddenly become unavailable to the vegan community.

Not anymore!

1. The Curries

Fah has sourced vegan versions of Thai staples and the first cab off the rank has been the curries. All curries are now available in natively vegan varieties, that is if you request any curry vegetable dish, it is already vegan! This includes ALL the curries (Green, Red, Yellow and Penang). Although on our menu Massaman Curry is primarily used in a slow cooked meat dish, the curry itself is free of all animal products. If you would like a vegetarian Massaman curry, it is available.

2. Pad Thai

Vegan Pad Thai Dish

A traditional pad thai recipe has fish sauce and an egg is used in the cooking process. Fah has tweaked the recipe and can prepare a fresh pad thai sauce for vegan consumption on demand. Upon requesting a vegan Pad Thai she will create a custom sauce for your dish. This is a recipe that is still being tweaked and she would very much appreciate your feedback on this dish.

3. Stir Fries

Many of our stir fries can be made free of animal products. We can create a custom sauce for your dish based on any combination of our regular herbs and spices (including ginger, galangal, onion, tamarind, chilli, and others) and sauces already vegan in origin including various soy sauces, mushroom and vegetarian sauces and seasonings.

4. But wait, there’s more…

We are constantly updating our menu and we will be releasing a brand new fresh menu later this week catering specifically to the vegan community.

Stay tuned!

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