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UPDATE: As you are probably aware, we are no longer trading. Fah’s Thai Kitchen is closed and it’s time to start the next chapter. We thank you all for your patronage. This page is kept just for posterity, a reminder of things we once did. Cheers Everyone!

Newest menu dated Jan 2017! Green, Red, Yellow, Panang and Massaman* Curries, all vegan friendly!

Pad Thai, Pad See Ewe, Thai Beef Salad, Vegan Stir Fries, Thai Chilli Basil… What takes your fancy? We aim to be very flexible and extensible, if you have any questions be sure to ask ask!

If you don’t see your favourite Thai dish, again, just ask!

Direct links to download and save a copy of the menu are provided at the bottom of the page.

(scroll down to the vegan and vegetarian specialty menu)

Menu as at 14th January 2017


Vegan and Vegetarian specific menu

Here is the first version of our current menu detailing specifically to the vegan and vegetarian eaters out there. Anything with the green V-tick is already vegan, you don’t need to ask. Anything with the green triangle can be “tweaked” to make it vegan. We can swap out some condiments that contain animal product and have suitable alternatives.

Anything with the red triangle is aimed at the vegetarian diner. These meals usually contain egg and/or fish sauce, oyster sauce or shrimp paste.

Our Vegan and Vegetarian Menu

Download or open in a seperate separate tab

Download our standard menu
Download the vegan/vegetarian menu