Plant Based Festival

We’ve been a proud supporter of “Alive”, and the vegan community as a whole from the beginning of opening our doors. 

We’ve attended each of the markets at Kibble Park in Gosford, and this year we had our first ever market stall. 

It was great having the opportunity to serve our food and even sample what other vendors had to offer. It’s great to see everyone embrace plant based options.

Keep the date open…

Where: Kibble Park, Gosford

When: Saturday the 22nd of September, 2018. (from 10am to 5pm)

Trading hours 2018

We’ve hit the warmer stretch of Winter, it’s drawing to a close. The sun will start to go down later, and you’ll be spending more hours out of the house.

Who’s doing the cooking when you get home?

Home delivery available or phone ahead and pick up on the way.

We’re here to serve you 6 nights a week. (We do close Monday evenings).

Home delivery orders taken til 8:45pm every night (except Monday). If you’re not sure, just phone ahead and ask.

We still have your favourite dishes with gluten free and vegan options available. EFTPOS available, no minimum spend, direct pickup right at the front door.

Open from 10am til late, let Fah’s Thai Kitchen do all the hard work for you. You sit back and enjoy Fah’s original Thai food.

All your favourites are still available and we’re constantly adding to the menu, so be sure to check online on our order page! 

The hours for the remainder of 2018:

10am til 3pm Monday
10am til 8.30pm Tuesday
10am til 8.30pm Wednesday
10am til 8:45pm Thursday
10am til 9pm Friday
10am til 9pm Saturday
10am til 8pm Sunday

Have a great remainder of 2018!

Asian Groceries

If you require any particular Asian grocery item you are finding hard to source, reach out to us at Fah’s Kitchen. We have a large number of suppliers and importers of Asian groceries and it is quite likely we are able to source that sauce or other item you’re just having trouble getting your hands on. 

We use importers located in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and between those importers and other suppliers, we are likely to be able to find that one item you’ve been looking for.

Call now to order your Asian groceries through Fah’s Thai Kitchen.

(02) 4339 5881

new entree, money bags

New on the Menu — Money Bags!

Over the next few weeks we are going to be adding some new menu lines and will be offering some grocery items for sale. We go far and wide to source some of our products, all in the hope that it brings you a better food experience at Fah’s.

Money Bags

Today we are adding money bags to the entree menu. 

You have requested this and we believe we’ve sourced a product that serves us well.

They are a vegetable mix and contain NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS. They are bite sized and come in sets of six, still for the one low entree price of $7!

Not available online, but can be added to any order, just call…

Fah’s Thai Kitchen
on 4339 5881
and add  Money Bags
to your order NOW!

MenuLog are dropping their Loyalty Program

It has come as a little bit of a surprise, but MenuLog recently announced they are dropping their loyalty program.

This is actually good news for you as this now gives us an opportunity to provide our own loyalty program to you direct.

Given that next month marks ONE YEAR of Fah’s Thai Kitchen operating at Deepwater Plaza, we are bringing in some changes and this will be the nice little cherry on top.

Stay tuned to hear about our loyalty program that will reward YOU for being a loyal customer and save you some money in the process!

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Closing 3pm Mondays

Fah has been working tirelessly over the last 9 months and it’s time for a break. From today (10/06/2017) Fah’s Thai Kitchen will be closing at the end of lunch specials at 3pm on Mondays.

This will only affect Mondays, all other days will be business as usual and we’ll still be open 11am everyday! This may change when it comes closer to summer and/or on public holidays. Stay tuned to our facebook page and this blog for any other changes.

Vegan and vegetarian specials will still be available on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

If you would like to plan an event for a Monday evening, please call ahead, reach out to us on facebook, drop us an email or come in and see us. I’m sure we could work out something.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Fah's Kitchen logo and Menu Log logo merged

Order Online

Order Online right now for your favourite meal or meals from Fah’s Thai Kitchen. Delivery fees do apply since menu-log do take a hefty commission on their own, however in most cases, your discount below will usually take care of that.

First Time Customer Discounts!

As a special promotion, we are giving all first time orders through menu-log a 12% discount on your next meal. Simply click the button below to be taken to our web portal to make your order. Cash or Card, pick-up or delivery. It’s all up to you. Even if you’ve been a customer in store before, your next order to us from the button below will receive that discount.

Hop to it! Click that button and place your order NOW!

Fah's Thai Kitchen in Woy Woy - order online from Menulog


Vegan Pad Thai Dish

New Vegan options at Fah’s

Since opening only a few short months ago, we have had the opportunity to meet a number of people within the community searching for vegan food. We are committed to providing a more fuller menu, free of animal products, so that you can enjoy the great flavours that Thai food has to offer without making any sacrifices (literally!).

Staples of Thai food which add to the depth of flavours include coconut milk or cream, jasmine rice, fish and oyster sauce and shrimp paste and a myriad of herbs and spices. And chilli, let’s not forget chilli!

The freshness of the ingredients combined with the punch of flavours makes Thai a unique eating experience. However, due to shrimp paste, fish and oyster sauces, a lot of dishes suddenly become unavailable to the vegan community.

Not anymore!

1. The Curries

Fah has sourced vegan versions of Thai staples and the first cab off the rank has been the curries. All curries are now available in natively vegan varieties, that is if you request any curry vegetable dish, it is already vegan! This includes ALL the curries (Green, Red, Yellow and Penang). Although on our menu Massaman Curry is primarily used in a slow cooked meat dish, the curry itself is free of all animal products. If you would like a vegetarian Massaman curry, it is available.

2. Pad Thai

Vegan Pad Thai Dish

A traditional pad thai recipe has fish sauce and an egg is used in the cooking process. Fah has tweaked the recipe and can prepare a fresh pad thai sauce for vegan consumption on demand. Upon requesting a vegan Pad Thai she will create a custom sauce for your dish. This is a recipe that is still being tweaked and she would very much appreciate your feedback on this dish.

3. Stir Fries

Many of our stir fries can be made free of animal products. We can create a custom sauce for your dish based on any combination of our regular herbs and spices (including ginger, galangal, onion, tamarind, chilli, and others) and sauces already vegan in origin including various soy sauces, mushroom and vegetarian sauces and seasonings.

4. But wait, there’s more…

We are constantly updating our menu and we will be releasing a brand new fresh menu later this week catering specifically to the vegan community.

Stay tuned!

What do you want on the menu?

We’re adding things all the time, so just ask if we can add your favourite Thai dish.

After several people requested, we’ve added Penang Curry to the menu. Very popular on the first day!

One customer requested pineapple in their fried rice. When we didn’t have it, he bought and brought some tinned pineapple for it. That was very cool Wayne! Thanks! It’s now on the menu to stay.

We are revitalising our menu to reflect the new changes we’ve made and to assist our friends who have dietary or just personal needs to steer away from certain products. Stay tuned for more on this as it develops.

We will work with our suppliers to provide you with the best and freshest ingredients and where possible we will always source eco-friendly, cruelty free and/or organic alternatives.

We’re Open

Without much fan fare, we have FINALLY opened our doors at Deepwater Plaza, Woy Woy! It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have my own shop!

We opened on Wednesday and by the time I closed the shop on Wednesday night, I knew I’d found my new home. This is a life long dream of mine and I’m so happy to share my kitchen with you!

A new page is turned

Once we get settled we plan on having regular blog posts and menu updates. There’s so much happening, and I have so much planned, so hopefully you’ll stop by and support a new local business.

Check out and like our facebook page: Fah’s Thai Kitchen on facebook.