Traditional and Authentic Thai

If you think you have tried the best authentic Thai on the peninsula and haven't been to Fah's Thai Kitchen, then you haven't tried the best authentic Thai!

Fah has grown up in a Seafood Restaurant in Thailand. Her parents ran several local businesses, one of which included the transportation of the freshest Bangkok Seafood to the more remote parts of Thailand, including Non Sa-at, her hometown in Udon Thani. This gave their restaurant an edge over the other restaurants in that they always had the best of the best seafood available, twice a week.

Fah's Thai Kitchen is located at Deepwater Plaza, on the outside between subway and Gloria Jeans.

(02) 4339 5881

If you do your shopping at Deepwater, you can order your Thai food to go. Once you’ve finished, pick up your meal on the way back to the car! No need to stop or get out of your car again on the way home!

No ATM or EFTPOS Fees!

Don't have cash? Use your card! Most popular cards accepted. Plus, we don't charge you to use it!


Plain and simple: we do not add MSG.


Fah's Thai Kitchen

Deepwater Plaza, Woy Woy.

Shop 3, Deepwater Plaza,
Railway Street, 
Woy Woy, NSW, 2256

Ph: (02) 4339 5881

Phone Orders Welcome

Located between Subway and Priceline